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Trucs et astuces pour gérer vos sites web

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Secure and protect your website from hackers attacks

Here is a set of very practical rules to stop most attacks against your website. These range from the installation method of your web software (CMS, forum, blog, wiki, gallery, etc.), to the implementation of very effective filtering rules, as well as a list of handy and easy tips. It is not necessary to know how to code to apply these principles, but simple knowledge about web hosting is mandatory.

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How to backup and restore a website and its SQL database

You are never safe from a failure of your host or a hacking that would delete or modify your website, and even less from a mistake on your part, a misuse or a failed update. You think your web host has an effective backup policy, that everything is up to date for the last 24 hours? Are you really sure? Read your agreement carefully, you will see that it is often not the case and that it discharges itself of its responsibility. You must have an up-to-date backup. Here is my method.


Referencing a website: the true answers, the right method

I introduce in this article the only complete compilation of rules required for the SEO, referencing, indexing and positioning of your website with the major search engines. Although this information is accessible, it is only found in a scattered way; I made the real synthesis. People often talk nonsense about it. But here, no chatter, only facts.

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Scripts and debugging tips in PHP, MySQL, mail()

This part is more technical and it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of programming. Here are some code snippets that will help you identify problems and perhaps fix them. How to display a detailed PHP error log, test your MySQL connection and how to send a message with the mail() function.

“If-” you'll be a Man…

Re-discover Rudyard Kipling's famous poem “If- you'll be a Man, my son” which has inspired so many generations. It celebrates the courage to overcome hardship.

I've decided to succeed

I have put together 10 tried and tested tips for finding the will to successfully achieve your ambitions and overcome obstacles in your personal and professional life.

Gourmet treats

Exquisite recipes for mini-cakes (madeleines, financiers, biscuits, cakes, muffins) and other delicacies (croissants, brioche, traditional cakes…).